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According to US media reports, a man in Colorado, the United States recently won US$9.9 million (about 66.94 million yuan). However, he has become a multi-millionaire, but said in an interview that he will continue to work in the supermarket and has nopick number for powerball plans to resign.

Binary numbers in the game (13,983,816), the number of result sets changes from ases to N, where N>6. Going back to the original example, if Ipickany's episode number is 11 (hopefully those 6 will match the jackpot), you can realize that there are 2.9 billion different ways to choose from.

It’s always tempting to change your numbers when you aren’t winning. But there is no such thing as the “right” numbers. There is no system to determine which numbers will come up next week. No numbers are due and none won’t come up because they’ve appeared a lot recently. We call that “gambler’s fallacy”; if you have a set of numbers you’ve always used, be confident to keep using them. These three Australian brothers show the importance of confidence in their choices and never deviating. There are stories of players who changed their numbers and regretted it; in some cases, their old numbers came up weeks later.

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