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Don't look at the faint-hearted! A 16-year-old girl in India took selfies with her hair caught in her scalp and lifted her hair next to the Ferris wheel

Duras has no bonus numbers, no Powerball, only 6 numbers in 33.

Yaxin, who is located in Arizona, bought 31 bets with a total of 4 roommates. Because of the winter vacation, the roommates were still in China and did not return to the United States, so she bought them all. Everyone chose their own number and won the prize. All of them belong to each other. Yaxin said that she had bought two-color balls before and won small prizes. This time she bought the Powerball because she saw news reports and wanted to join in the fun to build a character, but she did not consider helping people who she didn’t know to purchase, because she was afraid that there would be disputes if she won the prize. .

In the face of the media, their awards actually originated from a dream. On the afternoon of the 13th, Mrs. Smith and her seven children attended a press conference held by the New Jersey Lottery Department. On behalf of my daughter Valerie Arthur, she said that “It was God who told me this lucky number for my mother in a dream.” Based on the gratitude to God, the family planned to donate 10% of the prize money to the church. "

Michael Decker hopes to accept jazz within two weeks, and he dipowerball winner arizonad not accept the second place trophy prize of 1,018 dollars until the second week. In addition, 4,660 players were paired with six-quarters of soft power players and finished third.

When John bought four Powerball tickets at the request of his wife a few hours before the live TV draw on Wednesday, and then went to bed because of his discomfort, the family's life changed forever. His custom is to buy four tickets, and each member buys one for his immediate family members. The couple also has a son.