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What makes Minar sad is that in 1999, when Minar was 17 years old, Yi Ling never came to her house again. Minar said: "At the time, Yi Ling was almost 8 years old. One day, her mother, Ms. Gu, picked her up, and she never showed up again. My mother didn't know what was going on at first, and kept waiting. For several days, I couldn’t see Yi Ling. So my mother called Yi Ling’s mother and heard that Yi Ling was sent back by her mother.” Minar’s mother was sad when she heard the news. Desperate, ilottery sambad nagaland lotteryt feels like losing one's own child, and has never walked out of this huge shadow, and has always said that he hopes to find Yi Ling.

The popularization of mobile phones makes communication more convenient, and many people like to use abbreviations to communicate. Some young Indian artists have done the opposite, setting up typewriters "talking points" on the streets to improvise poetry for strangers, or for people to use typewriters to leave messages and exchanges with strangers.

Department, Chief Executive Officer, Nagar Nigam (Nagar Nigam) and Commissioner, Personnel Department issued a notice. One of the seats of Justice Judge Manish Bhandari took action on the petition by Gitendra and others. Defender Vimar Chowdhury

Australia has repeatedly won Powerball first prizes, or one person has won 112 million yuan

A 17-year-old Indian woman with severe stomach pain took out a lot of hair from her stomach. A 17-year-old woman in western India suffered from severe stomach pain. She could hardly walk and lost interest in food. The doctor saw that her stomach was full of hair after surgery. She herself said that she had eaten her hair for 5 years. In fact, it started to hurt 3 years ago. It was only after taking some medicine. This time, the medicine was useless and came to the hospital. A 17-year-old Indian woman with severe stomach pain. The doctor took out a lot of hair from her stomach. After a CT scan, the doctor found that there were about two pounds in the stomach. He thought it was a tumor, but the hair could be seen at the edges. The doctor cut her stomach and found that the inside was black. They were all hair, and there were a lot of them. A total of more than 2 catties of hair were taken out. After the operation, I asked her to find out that she had been eating hair badly. She also admitted that she had been eating hair since she was 12 years old. Such a large amount of hair was taken out of her stomach. She also told her parents that she had ate her hair while watching TV. The girl’s father said that in the past three years, we thought she had some gynecological questions and told her doctor. , We even spent nearly 50,000 yuan to give her various checks and medications, but no doctor saw hair in her stomach. "When we learned that our daughter is fine now, we are relieved. "Now we will turn to a psychologist to help her and treat her pica problem. "

The largest tumor discovered in the history of medical science, the Indian man Gurmit Singh had a malignant tumor weighing 110 kilograms in his leg. I never expected this giant tumor to be 1.5 times his body weight. It is understood that this is also the largest tumor discovered in the history of medical science. Warning: The picture may cause discolottery sambad nagaland lotterymfort, please watch it carefully! It is a miracle that Gulmett survived 8 years of malignant tumors. When he first entered the hospital, his tumor was already very large, and he was bleeding, and he might be infected, even his basic life was affected. After that, Gulmett underwent an operation for 4 hours, and every step in the operation was thrilling. In the end, the tumor was successfully removed, but he lost his right leg and part of his pelvis. Anyhow, my life is saved!

In desperation, her husband Garnett sold their house, and the whole family had to temporarily rent a small apartment. Fortunately, after the operation, his wife Helen was in good condition; while his wife was recovering from the operation, Garnett quit his job and stayed with his wife wholeheartedly. The difference is that he always needs to go out. When purchasing, Garnett always buys a few extra lottery tickets, and he expects that winning the lottery will ease their financial pressure.